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LAUDE El Altillo School: The truth about trilingualism English-Spanish-French PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2014 07:16

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The use and command of languages is tightly determined by the activities and experiences we do throughout our lives and which are no doubt unrepeatable and irreplaceable as it is a fact that you cannot experiment again in identical circumstances the linguistic environment of the first years at school.

Hence the importance and enormous transcendence of starting to acquire more than one language during childhood at school, due to the plasticity of the brain during early years and the indisputable inborn predisposition of young children in assimilating and communicating realities, contents, language and even for example different sounds with ease.

Obviously it is the force of habit, routine and daily practice of at least three different languages at School which will strengthen the personality of these pupils and which will open doors and facilitate personal and professional success in their future, thanks to a School timetable which includes the triple wealth of Spanish, English and French.... 3 languages and 3 cultures with all the plural universe they contain and which will make world citizens of the 21st century out of them.

This is the target of LAUDE El Altillo School which distinguishes its educational model - for the little ones to express themselves with ease and confidence in each one of these languages on a daily basis while they grow and learn in an objective, true and genuine trilingual environment.

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Exciting XIV LAUDE El Altillo School Duathlon PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 April 2014 12:15

duatlon trofeos 2014

Today Thursday 10th April the XIV Duathlon LAUDE El Altillo School  has been held in the School surroundings. In first place we emphasize the high participation of students from second and third cycles of Primary Education, Secondary Education and Bachillerato and also some mothers and fathers who have completed a demanding course first running and then by bicycle.

Many parents have come to watch, and together with non participating pupils they have enthusiastically supported and cheered the participants.

After the races the prize giving ceremony with trophies and medals was greatly enjoyed by all.

We would like to thank the voluntary helpers from Bachillerato and Secondary Education as well as the fantastic organization by the School Sports Department.

duatlon 2014duatlon divertido 2014



Vibrante XII Open Internacional LAUDE El Altillo School PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2014 14:47


El Gran Maestro Internacional argentino Daniel Campora se proclamó vencedor en el XII Open Internacional de Ajedrez “LAUDE El Altillo School” y lo hace por tercera ocasión, renovando los títulos de los años 2009 y 2010.

La decimosegunda edición de este prestigioso Open Internacional de Ajedrez tuvo una participación de 164 jugadores, record absoluto de la prueba, en donde se unen el ajedrez escolar y el profesional en un mismo torneo. Año tras año, este torneo se ha consolidado como el mejor torneo andaluz de ajedrez rápido, cita marcada en rojo en el calendario para muchos de los participantes. 

En esta ocasión, han participado 14 Maestros Internacionales, grandes promesas del ajedrez andaluz como Amalia Aranaz actual campeona de España y también Maestra Internacional, o Miguel Santos, otro Maestro de la Federación Internacional, que con sólo 14 años es el actual subcampeón de Europa escolar o José Miguel Fernández, ex alumno de nuestro Centro y Maestro de la Federación Internacional además del campeón del año pasado. También hubo una gran representación de Málaga, Sevilla, Huelva, Granada y Gibraltar incluso de Estados Unidos y de Polonia y por supuesto participaron todos los campeones escolares, juveniles y absolutos gaditanos y representantes de todos los clubs de la provincia.

Apúntate ya en el XIV Duatlón LAUDE El Altillo School PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2014 08:26

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Outstanding News

Secondary at LAUDE El Altillo School: the most competitive education programme

Studying Secondary Education at LAUDE El Altillo School means the pupils benefit from an ambitious educational project which will make them trilingual by the time they are 16 years old at the conclusion of a stage where teaching English together with French and Spanish predominates. These pupils attain an excellent command of these three languages at the highest level, due to a large degree to the richness incorporated by teaching different subjects in English: Science, History, Information Technology, Art, Music, Ethics, and Digital Business.

A competitive curriculum  where both stability and constant revision of the didactics stand out for the sake of aspiring for excellence, in an educational model which pursues the intelligent use and maximum performance of digital skills, the achievements and contrasted benefits of cooperative pedagogies based on projects, scientific and technological knowledge which instils interest, initiative and flexibility so students understand the complexity and globalism of reality and its influence on present day society, plus the maturity and interpretative vision provided by the Humanities where the subject matter is so designed as to conceive and modernize culture from a communicative approach.

LAUDE El Altillo School, leading TICs in Education

The success of true educational excellence in the 21st Century cannot be understood without a teaching model in constant vanguard, committed to the students´ personal, social and cognitive development and which assumes the certainty that in today´s world the results are forged from a command of digital skills and control of resources offered by information and communication technologies.

At LAUDE El Altillo School one of the keys to its outstanding educational model is in fact the integration of these tools into all subjects and which includes the curriculum of all academic stages: Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato. Not surprisingly the efficient use of these tools in the classroom favouring the learning objectives and authentic knowledge through digital media is relevant to the master line of pedagogy in this prestigious School in Jerez: interactive whiteboards in Early Years, iPads, tablets, laptops, smart classroom equipped with Apple, e-learning Moodle platform or BYOD Bring your Own Device which allows Bachillerato students to choose their own device for use in the classroom…. And these are only a few examples of the important application of technologies in the School.


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